Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Blog URL

New Blog URL

Dear readers,

As I had been saying for the last couple of months, I finally went ahead and changed the URL of my blog. The new URL is Orbala (ووربلہ؟/اوربلہ)  is Pashto for firefly in some dialects. I understand that some of my Pashtun readers will be disappointed with this selection, so let me explain. Yes, many other Pashto dialects don't use the same term for "firefly" (most use "orbalkey" (which I don't find as aesthetically appealing as orbala), and my own Swati dialect actually uses orworakey, I hear, though a cousin tells me it's actually shapinpinakey) but I love this word -- orbala --and I love what the firefly symbolizes. I also find it beautiful .... say it with me, folks: or-ba-la. Please don't confuse the term with "orbal"/"worbal" (اوربل), which is Pashto for forelock or strand of hair or bangs ... but even "orbal" means fire or lighting fire, so you can see how orbala = firefly" makes sense, combining orbal and orbalkey.  Besides, or/wor = fire; bal = lighting, lit.

And even if orbala didn't mean firefly, I'd still make sense of it: or/wor = fire in Pashto; bala (feminine)/bal (masculine) = lit in Pashto. So, put 'em together, and you get -- taaa-daaah - or-ba-la!

So! Basically, here's why I chose Orbala:

1) I find the word very beautiful.
2) It means "firefly."
3) I love what the firefly symbolizes, such as illumination, energy, passion, awakening, patience, attraction.
4) "Qrratugai" will always be me, and I will always be Qrratugai - but it was time to keep a more "professional," less childish name :) I understand Qrratugai is the most unique Pashto term on the Internet, and that's why this blog exists to "commemorate" the Qrratugai that once was.

All right. I'll see you over at the new link!

~ qrratu

P.S. The only purpose this "blog" is serving is to direct people to the new link when they look for "qrratugai" or type that old link in the address bar. Please see the new one for my latest blog posts. Thank you!